About new coronavirus infectious disease prevention measures in chartered buses

First of all, I would like to express my deepest sympathies to everyone who suffered from the new coronavirus infection. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to all the medical professionals who continue to work hard.
Based on the situation of new coronavirus infection, international tour buses are working on the following measures based on the "Guidelines for Prevention of New Coronavirus Infection in Buses" created by the Japan Bus Association so that customers can use chartered buses with peace of mind. We are here.

(1) Infection prevention measures
[Correspondence at the time of start / end roll call]

A splash infection prevention film and alcohol disinfectant are installed on the face-to-face roll call table for attendance and departure.
We check your health during roll calls (fill in temperature measurement, physical condition, and health status confirmation).
We oblige crew members to wear masks and thoroughly enforce cough etiquette.
The alcohol detector is sterilized as appropriate.

(2) Correspondence in the bus

Alcohol disinfectant is installed in the bath.
Immediately after the driver's seat, a splash infection prevention film is installed.
Disposable gloves are used when storing luggage in the trunk.

[Ventilation / disinfection]

The air conditioner is used in the outside air ventilation mode, and the windows are opened during breaks to ventilate the inside of the car.
(The outside air ventilation mode during driving changes the air inside the car in about 5 minutes.)
Ventilation in the car for each operation: Before the operation starts, after the operation ends, and while waiting, open the windows and doors to ventilate.
During breaks, etc., the parts (handrails, etc.) that may come into contact with multiple users are wiped off with a disinfectant solution.

(3) When boarding
[Crew / Guide]

Guidance is directed forward as much as possible.

(4) [Call for cooperation in infection prevention]
We ask our customers for their cooperation in infection control measures.
We have a hand sanitizer in the bus. Please disinfect your hands when you get on the train.
Please wear a mask on the bus.
Please refrain from drinking alcohol, karaoke, or talking loudly to prevent droplet infection.
If you feel unwell, such as fever or cough, please refrain from boarding.
If you feel unwell during operation, please do not overdo it and consult with the crew as soon as possible.

We plan to continue measures to prevent infectious diseases until the new coronavirus infection has subsided and customers can use the sightseeing bus with peace of mind. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

* For ventilation inside the bus, please also see the experimental image below.
By turning on the ventilation function, the air will be replaced in about 5 minutes.

Reference: Ventilation experiment video inside a large bus (from Mitsubishi Fuso HP)